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Teeth Cleaning Specialist

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Teeth cleanings are beneficial. That's why insurance plans almost always cover them. Regular checkups and cleanings are the top way to prevent cavities and to help your natural teeth last a lifetime. Are you overdue for a dental cleaning? Let the experienced dental experts take care of your teeth. Schedule your teeth cleaning online or call Reston Dental Center in Reston and Vienna, Virginia, today.

Teeth Cleaning Q & A

What does a teeth cleaning involve?

First, expect an exam. Your Reston Dental Center professional looks at your teeth, visually inspecting them and assessing your gums, looking for any obvious issues. X-rays will be taken during your regularly-scheduled appointment if required.

The actual dental cleaning process begins after your X-rays. The hygienist or dentist uses a small metal tool with pointed ends to remove harmful plaque and tartar from your teeth. The length of time this process takes depends on how much plaque or tartar buildup you have.

Once the plaque and tartar have been scraped away, the dentist or hygienist uses a high-powered brush and special toothpaste to give you a thorough brushing, followed by a professional flossing. To finish, you may be given a fluoride treatment to strengthen your teeth until your next visit.

How often should I go to the dentist for a teeth cleaning?

Your dental cleaning frequency is unique to you. Some people might be able to go with the standard advice of every six months, while other people with specific issues may need more frequent cleanings. 

The American Dental Association advises working with your dentist to determine the best cleaning schedule for your personal dental needs.

Even with routine procedures like dental cleanings, consulting with the dental experts at Reston Dental Center about your situation is an important part of getting excellent care.

Every man, woman, and child has different circumstances. Meet your dental health needs by following a plan that's been designed just for you, not by following a general plan for the average person.

Can dental cleanings affect other aspects of my health?

Oral health and overall health are closely related. Given that your mouth is connected to the rest of your body, oral health is essential to good health.

The findings of a study published in 2016 suggested that regular dental cleanings could lower the risk of pneumonia. The theory is that dental cleanings cut back on the number of bacteria that enter your lungs.

Arthritis, kidney disease, diabetes, and other conditions have also been tied to oral health. Regular dental checkups, cleanings, and perhaps most importantly, conversations with your dentist, are an integral part of maintaining good health.

If you can't remember the last time you had your teeth professionally cleaned, call Reston Dental Center or schedule your appointment online.