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Toothache Specialist

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A toothache could indicate a serious tooth or gum problem requiring immediate attention. If you experience a mild or severe toothache, the experienced dental team at Reston Dental Center in Reston and Vienna, Virginia, is here for you. They diagnose the cause of tooth pain and promptly treat it to restore your tooth and prevent serious complications. Schedule an appointment with Reston Dental Center over the phone or online today.

Toothache Q & A

What is a toothache?

A toothache is mild, moderate, or severe pain in your tooth that is steady or comes and goes. Symptoms of a toothache might include:

  • Dull, sharp, or throbbing pain
  • A fever or headache
  • Swelling around a tooth
  • A bad odor in your mouth
  • Drainage from an infected tooth

You might only experience pain from when you apply pressure on a tooth or chew food. It’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible for a toothache, as some causes of tooth pain are serious and can lead to severe damage if left untreated.

What causes a toothache?

In most cases, a toothache is the sign of a dental problem requiring treatment. Common causes include:

  • Cavities or tooth decay
  • A tooth fracture
  • Infected gums
  • Damaged fillings or crowns
  • A tooth infection
  • Clenching or grinding your teeth
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • New tooth eruption

Seeking dental care for a toothache can prevent it from becoming worse and leading to serious complications.

How is a toothache diagnosed?

Your Reston Dental Center provider reviews your medical and dental history, and asks questions about your symptoms. They examine your teeth, gums, and mouth, and take X-rays to determine what’s causing a toothache and establish the most appropriate treatment.

What is the treatment for a toothache?

Your personalized toothache treatment plan is based on what’s causing the pain. Your dentist might recommend one or more of the following treatments:

Fluoride treatment, fillings, or crowns

If you have a cavity, your dentist cleans your teeth and uses fluoride treatments or fillings to restore the tooth. They might place a dental crown over your tooth to protect it from future damage.

Root canal

If you have an infected tooth, your dentist removes and replaces the inside of the tooth to restore it and save it from requiring extraction.


If a tooth or gum infection is the cause of a toothache, your Reston Dental Center provider might recommend you take antibiotics to prevent the infection from worsening.


If you have a severely decayed or damaged tooth that can’t be restored, or impacted wisdom teeth, your dentist might recommend extracting, or removing, a tooth. They offer dental implants and bridges to take the place of missing teeth and restore your smile.

How can I prevent toothaches?

Good at-home oral hygiene habits help prevent dental decay and toothaches. Floss every day, brush your teeth at least twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush, limit sugary foods and drinks, and see your dentist for routine professional cleanings. 

Don’t let a toothache go untreated or progress to a serious oral health problem. Schedule an appointment with Reston Dental Center over the phone or online today.